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Author Topic: BUSHKILL INN ROOM RELEASE  (Read 529 times)

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« on: December 05, 2013, 11:04:27 AM »
    If anyone finds that they are unable to make the NASSM 2014 event and has booked a room at the Bushkill Inn, please contact me through pm or email.

    I have a list of people who are in overflow hotels and we'd like to move them into the Bushkill as/if rooms become available.

    The folks who registered for our event would be contacted first according to their registration number.

      mysolst - WA
      The Carrier - PA
      RW Clay - MI
      GA BlueSky -GA
      kd4z  - GA
      The Dude - FL
      Pace Car - PA
      gregsky - ON
      reedred - NY
      Dog Tale - OH
      stretch246 -MA
      GT! - QU
      red dog -OH
      skyroadster - QU
      Chev - QU
      C.P.S.S.Q - QU
      cigars07 - QU
      Tim - NE
      CleanLivin - PA   
      Johnny_gxp - NJ
      Stef - QU
      tomshadow - MI
      Alix - QU
      stanich 1 - SC
      mikesturbo  -MI
      mike06Pure -MI
      Wolfpack - NJ

    Thanks for your consideration!  :) 
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