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Author Topic: budget V8 build who's done it and what do you recommend  (Read 580 times)

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budget V8 build who's done it and what do you recommend
« on: March 10, 2014, 08:32:22 PM »
so over the last year I've been pondering what to do build the 2.4lL or swap it for a V8. I've decided id most likely go with the V8. i want to get by with a budget best i can. i want to do a LS3 and a t56 or a t6060. I've found places you can get the t56 full gut and rebuild for about 2100. then of douse ill probably do the install kit from werks. as far as the engine I'm on the fence to go with either a new 480 hot cam of possibly a 525 hot cam ir buy a used engine and cam it go though it and install it (I'm looking for that lower irregular idle but still be streetable with that nice loud exhaust crackle) if i go used i was thinking maybe do an ls3 or a l99 from a camaro or possibly the l92 6.2 liter truck engine and build that.the worry i have is with the l99 and l82 how easy is it to delete the vvt cam and go with a heavy cam. any input from you guys and advice on what you'd do or anything I'm missing for parts ill need to do the build would be appreciated.


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