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Author Topic: Trunk lid release clicks, but did not open - how I opened the trunk  (Read 559 times)

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Had a weird problem at work yesterday... When I arrived at work I went to put the top up and the fob caused the latches to click, but the trunk did not pop open. Tried a bunch of times with the fob and the glovebox button... no dice.

When I got home I did research here and on the other kappa sites looking for the fix; I did not feel like removing the rear wheel & fender liner, so I looked for another way. I'd seen some obscure mentions of a lever that could be accessed.

I found that just inside the flap behind the driver's headrest you can just see a lever that controls the latches. I bodged together a hook to grab it and pull it. Pull out at about a 30 degree angle up (see pic)... That did the trick. I now keep this hook in the pouch behind the seats for future use.

Turns out that a microfiber towel on the top got stuck in the latch when I last closed the trunk and that was enough to jam the mechanism.

The lever:
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The open access & action:
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detail on hooking the lever:
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Here is the detail of the tool I made (sitting on the top):
[ Guests cannot view attachments ]

I hope this helps the next guy/gal.
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Re: Trunk lid release clicks, but did not open - how I opened the trunk
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2014, 07:55:44 PM »
Good to know. Thank for pointing this out.
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