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Author Topic: FS 2007 Mysterious GXP, 22,000 miles, lots of stuff! $15,000  (Read 879 times)

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FS 2007 Mysterious GXP, 22,000 miles, lots of stuff! $15,000
« on: August 20, 2014, 02:00:33 AM »
Well hello again everyone, I haven't been on lately cause I've been busy doing non-Solstice-related things, like remodeling my house, getting married, etc.  Anyway, after having my car for 2-1/2 years I think I'm ready for something different.  Mainly, it's because my wife is not a huge fan of driving with the roof down (it messes up her hair or something) and I refuse to put the roof up on a nice day, so we usually take her car, and if I'm going somewhere by myself I'll take a motorcycle.  This kinda leaves the Solstice as the odd vehicle out.  Plus I think I kinda want to get an old car to mess with.  So here's the specs:

2007 Solstice GXP
Black (Mysterious), black leather/red stitching/suede seat inserts, DDM center console, tan top
22,000 miles
Monsoon stereo, iSimple Gateway PXAMG iPod interface
Aftershock front grilles
GM performance tune and Trifecta tune (300+ horsepower!!!)
Intake (not sure of brand)
Solo downpipe and Mach exhaust
DDM Race (3/8") backbone
Latin Venom front brace
LE5 Z0K rear springs (same rate as stock springs, 1/2" shorter)
Cobalt SS Brembo front brakes with hub-centric and wheel-centric 12mm wheel spacers on all 4 wheels

Dyno sheet of Ames Performance's car with the same mods as mine:

The good: This is how I believe the GXP should have come from the factory.  It has a lot of power, stops better, handles better, and looks better than stock.  I think it fixes the shortcomings of the original car while still feeling like it could have come from GM this way.  Aside from one 1/2" long scratch on the passenger door (which is touched up) the paint is in great shape.  It's black, so it could probably use a good buff (I did it last year), but it's pretty damn solid otherwise.  I've never driven it in the snow, and by looking at the underneath of the car I'm assuming the previous owners never drove it in snow either.

The bad: The ignition switch has not yet been replaced, but I do have two new keyfobs that go with the car that can be programmed when the switch is changed.  One wheel has rash on one spoke - it's been there since I bought the car and it hasn't bothered me enough to find a replacement wheel, but it's there.  Also, the tires are all pretty much toast.  I've been putting off replacing them since I wasn't sure if I was keeping the car, but they are all going to need replaced.

For pricing, I'm looking for $15,000.  For $15,500, I'll have a set of brand new tires installed, and (depending on scheduling) have the ignition switch changed out, too.

Grab it up soon and get some fun in the sun before winter comes (YUCK!!!)  Let me know, thanks, Ian.

Offline ebrown0104

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Re: FS 2007 Mysterious GXP, 22,000 miles, lots of stuff! $15,000
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2014, 04:51:25 PM »


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