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Author Topic: FS: Assortment of New/Unused Norms Fiberglass parts  (Read 792 times)

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FS: Assortment of New/Unused Norms Fiberglass parts
« on: October 04, 2021, 02:03:43 AM »
I am in the middle of brokering a deal for a bunch  of Norms Fiberglass parts. I am wanting to get commitments on the parts to cover the majority of the cost. I am making a total of $5.00 on the entire deal and that is because of rounding.

Right now I am at $7000.00 being the total cost of the items. and the equation I am using to come up with the selling price is (original part price / total original price of all parts) * 7000

Here is the original prices for all of the parts.

fenders: 480.00
hood: 1760.00
front lip: 460.00
side skirts: 490.00
coupe top: 2860.00
doors: 1090.00
quarter panels: 970.00
diffuser: 1210.00
rear bumper: 980.00

total: 10300.00

so the price for the coupe top would be

(2860 / 10300) * 7000 = 1943.6893203883495145631067961165 (1944.00 rounded up)

Here is the list of prices and also what has been sold.

fenders: 327.00 SOLD
hood: 1197.00 SOLD
front lip: 313.00
side skirts: 333.00 SOLD
coupe top: 1944.00
doors: 741.00
quarter panels: 660.00
diffuser: 823.00 SOLD
rear bumper: 667.00 SOLD

Some information on the coupe top. This is the racing top, it does not come with anything other then the top. It is easily converted to a street top once additional parts are gotten. Here is the list of additional parts that are needed.

Coupe rear lift glass
Coupe rear glass seals
Coupe rear glass lift struts
Coupe rear glass hinges
Coupe rear glass latch and D ring
Coupe drivers door glass
Coupe passenger door glass
Coupe drivers door glass seal
Coupe passenger door glass seal

Norm has stopped production of the street version of the top. This is due to GM discontinuing the rear hatch glass along with other components. There is no aftermarket made. Coupes do end up at salvage yards and the glass and other needed bits might be able to be located. Or the rear glass can be cheaply fabricated using Polycarbonate and a defroster can be applied to it. The hatch glass seal is nothing more then a trunk seal. The top is designed just like the OE coupe top and it uses the trunk seal that is on the convertible to seal the majority of the top top to the car. adhesive backed neoprene seal would need to be applied where the trunk seal stops up to the leading edge of the B pillars. This seal is applied to the top and not the car.

I have spoken to Norm and the only difference in construction between the street version and the race version is the B pillar design. The street version is made to work with the stock convertible door glass, the seals from the convertible top would be transferred to the coupe top. You can probably get Norm to make just the B pillars for the street version and have a local shop remove the ones that are on the top and attach the new ones. This would be if locating the door glass seals to be impossible.

I have located the door glass at 340.00 for each side. The seals I am pretty confident that a suitable replacement can be located. The rear class is the only thing that I have not been able to locate and making one out of Polycarbonate would have a cost of about 300.00.

IDK what Norm charged for his street top, it is not listed on his website. I have seen comments of it being north of 6000.00. I am pretty sure the 1944.00 + shipping + needed parts would be near the 4000.00 mark.

The front lip is for the base model bumper cover.

The doors look like they can be used as functional doors, they do not have impact beams in them so a roll cage or impact beams would need to be installed to maintain the original safety aspects of the OE door.

I need to have commitments on the last of the parts before I close the deal. My problem is I do not have a place to store them until they sell. Unless I get  people that commit to the last couple of parts I am not going to be able to buy any of it as it is an all or none deal.

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Re: FS: Assortment of New/Unused Norms Fiberglass parts
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2021, 08:26:17 AM »
Some good deals there for some folks. Hope it all works out kgschlosser.
Just trying to do my part...

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Re: FS: Assortment of New/Unused Norms Fiberglass parts
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2021, 09:38:34 AM »

I know that there are only "special" pieces left and are going to be more difficult to get rid of.

I personally want the hood, rear bumper cover and diffuser. If the diffuser will work with the stock bumper cover then I will not use the fiberglass one as I really do not care for the looks of it.

If this deals pans out I will be selling the RK sport hood I have on the car. I have > 15 hours invested in getting the hood to fit correctly. I would not buy another RK Sport anything after what I had to go through to ge the hod to fit properly. There was nothing that was correct on it.  One scoop was larger then the other, the curve of the hood at the windshield end was complete wrong. The angle on the inside of one of the scoops didn't match the other scoop. I had to add onto the nose and of the hood where the hood meets the fenders and also the doors. I had to fix the screw in type of holes where the hood bump stops screwed in. I had to correct the headlight openings. Then I had to bondo and block sand the entire hood, it was really wavy gravy. I will attach photos at some point to show what the fit was, the  process of repair and the final results. The hood has not been painted, only primer on it.

I would be willing to part with the hood for 900.00 which is about what it costs from RKSport. There is at least a 600-800 savings not having to pay a body shop to fix the hood so it would fit correctly. I also have the part numbers for the correct hood pistons. The RK Sport hood weighs 1/2 as much as the OE so lift struts rated for 150lbs each was way to much and it would lift the hood at the nose when the hood was closed creating a gap.

I had to add onto the drivers door jam area a lot I did the work using kitty hair (Bondy mixed with fiberglass) I had to add on more then I thought I would need to. I don't like it and I will be redoing that addition with fiberglass as I am concerned with the possibility of the Bondo breaking off because of how much I had to add on. The hood will also get block sanded again to 2000 grit and primered then block sanded again to 2000 before I would ship it.

The rear bumper cover I may not use if the diffuser is close to being able to fit. I know how to work with the bumper covers and I can add onto it if needed without using any  fillers, glues or adhesives. Using only the same plastic that the cover is made from. I know how to weld the plastic.

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Re: FS: Assortment of New/Unused Norms Fiberglass parts
« Reply #3 on: October 15, 2021, 09:17:20 AM »
Wow  Sounds like an interesting project.  I have two defusers from Norm and they both fit the stock bumper cover.

Have you checked with Redline Autoparts?  They process a lot of cars and potentially can be looking for the coupe parts you need. 


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