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Author Topic: Index of Owners Mods - for your signature  (Read 39661 times)

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Offline chuckdoc

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Index of Owners Mods - for your signature
« on: December 18, 2008, 08:27:09 AM »
Please keep this clean and do not reply.  Should only be a series of lists.

Welcome to Chuckdoc's Mod Page.

Her name is Time Bandit
Deep / GXP / Ebony Leather / Automatic Transmission / Chrome Wheels All Options Except: On-Star, Delivered 6-18-2007.
VIN: 141404
2006 Deep NA Traded in for Deep GXP.

Disclaimer: Reading the rest of this thread may offend purists.

Performance mods:

    * Solo Performance Mach 3" Cat Back Exhausthttp://www.solsticeforum.com/forum/672630-post1.html
    * Solo Performance High Flow CAT.http://www.solsticeforum.com/forum/672630-post1.html
    * GM performance tune
   * Wester Garage HOT Tune for GM new sensors
    * Deepbluegxp Tunnel Bracehttp://kappaperformance.com/forum/index.php?topic=189.0;topicseen
    * Steel T-Bolt Clamps for Intake elbow.
    * DDM Probeam

Other Mods

    * Ligthed wind restrictor (purple)http://www.solsticeforum.com/forum/f97/introducing-time-bandit-windrestrictor-51081/#post763994
    * Stubby antenna.
    * Visor decals painted over with flat black paint.
    * Valve Stem Caps - Dice (I know its dumb, my wife says it is dumb, but I like it and stole idea from LilGoat)
    * Painted to match Windshield frame and humpshttp://www.solsticeforum.com/forum/f79/chuckdocs-painting-project-44358/
    * Davies Corvette Folding Front License Plate
    * Brake Calipers Painted Red
    * GXP Vinyl overlays for brake calipers
    * Popped the GM Chicklets pimples and debadged the rear
    * Rear of car "Time Bandit"
    * Fuse Box and Engine Cover painted red
    * Hood seals around wheel wells to prevent grit spin off from tires.
    * Hood seal on front lip to prevent water from settling on bumper lip.
    * Blue colored center wheel caps.
    * airbag decal light modification
    * Arm and Center Console Rests from Carolina Up.,
    * Kappa Pouch
    * Kappasphere GXP Floor Mats
    * Kappasphere weathershield cover
    * Red Hose Wrap to match engine cover
    * Red Powder coated intercooler pipes
    * Kenwood Radio, CD,DVD player, MP3, Backup Camera, Sirius Radio, and Nav system, Bluetooth, Ipod connector
    * Tinted windows
    * Side Marker flash (Deepbluegxp mod)
    * Seat foam modification to correct saggy seat (JPM seat mod)
    * Wood grain Dashhttp://www.solsticeforum.com/forum/757799-post55.html
    * Lambo Doors
    * Genteck30 Mirror with compass and temp gauge and map lights
    * Brake light inlay
    * Norms rear fascia (smooth, painted blue, with solstice embedded)
    * Focuz blue fog light bulbs
        * Focuz blue Headlight bulbs
        * JPM Seatbelt retainers
        * DDM LED under hood and in trunk
        * Heated Seats
        * Lighted Door Sills

    Future Mods:

        * Front sensors to prevent curb crash
        * Deepbluegxp's secret project
        * Turbo shield custom
        * Blue LED Lighting to run off interior lighting dimming circuit
        * Roll Bar
    BTW, DeepBLueGXP and I have personally performed all mods.
    Mostly DeepBlueGXP and his son DarkTech, heated seats installed by 2kwk4u
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My KappaPerformance Mod Page
Pontiac builds excitement but Joe kicks it up a notch!  Bam!

Offline Sly Bob

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Re: Joe's idea for list of modifications, from BB
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2008, 09:12:32 AM »
Great Idea!

Ordered a loaded Deep GXP (minus smokers package) on March 19th, 2008. Order number 0814D93708
Event code 3400 on April 12, 2008
Born April 30, 2008 (VIN 1G2MF35X58Y130283)
Delivered to dealer May 23th, 2008
Delivered on May 27, 2008
Her name is Denise  :D

Performance mods:

   *Solo GXP-RCD exhaust w/ High flow cat

Other mods:

   *Norm's RCD diffuser fascia
   *Pop the pimples
   *VentureShield clear bra
   *Dual horns
   *AfterShock spoiler
   *Weathershield cover
   *Kappa Pouch
   *Lil Chromies
   *Red painted calipers with black "Solstice" vinyl overlays
   *Opel GT antenna
   *Chrome valve caps
   *Blue vinyl Pontiac overlay set
   *LED footwell lighting
   *Kenwood head unit
   *Side marker mod
   *Repair sagging seat
   *Gentec rear view mirror w/compass and auto dimming
   *Aluminum backbone
   *DDMWorks Rear Pro-Beam
   *Aftershock recessed grills
   *LED lighting in glove box
   *LED lighting in waterfall compartment
   *Body colour powder coated valve cover
   *Body colour powder coated DDM charge tubes
   *Body colour powder coated GM CAI
   *DDM coil cover powder coated metallic silver

Future Mods:


BTW, DeepBlueGXP along with his son Dark Tech although haven't performed any of these mods, were the inspiration for many of them. So far, with the exception of the Ventureshield, I have done all these mods myself.
« Last Edit: April 02, 2011, 07:01:20 PM by Sly Bob »
Just trying to do my part...

Mods: Lose the chicklets, VentureShield, Dual horns, AfterShock spoiler, Weathershield cover, Lil Chromies, Red calipers with black Solstice stickers, Opel GT antenna and Solo GXP-RCD exhaust with a Solo hi-flow cat!

Offline DeepBlueGXP

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Re: Joe's idea for list of modifications, from BB
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2008, 09:37:45 AM »
Welcome to DeepBlueGXP's Mod Page.

Her name is Renée.
Deep GXP, Color 722J, No On-star/XM, Ordered 01-26-07, Born 02-22-07, Delivered 3-9-07.
VIN: 1G2MG35X87Y128779

Disclaimer: Reading the rest of this thread may offend purists.

My Dyno Sheet Progression
219 RWHP 2007-09-17 Almost everything stock - Magnaflow Exhaust
235 RWHP 2007-12-07 High flow CAT, Dejon Spring.
280 RWHP 2008-04-26 Wester's Garage HOT (Race) tune
285.6 RWHP Westers Tune updated to 5.2

Performance mods:
  • Magnaflow 3 Cat Back Exhaust with Solo Performance 3 diameter front end
  • Solo Performance High Flow CAT.
  • Wester Race Tune
  • Dejon Powerhouse Spring
  • Steel T-Bolt Clamps for Intake elbow.
  • DDM Works Extreme Tunnel Brace
  • DDM Works Pro-Beam
Electrical Mods
Other Mods
My Videos on Youtube YouTube - deepbluegxp's Videos

2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP Coupe Wicked
Built May 8, 2009
Bought June 2, 2009

JPM Custom Seats with wicked color matched material
JPM Replacement Soft top with wicked color matched material
JPM Center Console with Betty Boop embroidery
Painted to match: Interior switch covers, e-brake handle, steering wheel controls
Painted to match: Exterior calipers, rotors, charge pipes, engine cover, fuse cover
Norms Fiberglass rear dual center valance - smooth
Solo Performance dual center mach shorty with resonators
Pioneer AVIC Z110BT with backup camera
Tinted 35% side windows, 20% rear.
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Re: Joe's (DeepBlueGXP) idea for list of modifications from the BB
« Reply #3 on: December 22, 2008, 01:13:59 AM »
JrsNo1Fan's GXP Mod Page

Vin 8Y100073
Cool GXP, with OnStar and XM, Monsoon, Red Stitched Leather
Had delivered to my dealer in Stone Mountain, Ga. from dealership in Savannah, Ga. June 10, 2008
As of February 19, 2009 - 19,500 miles
Vanity Plate: HRTNSOL with chrome "Solstice" plate holder

Performance Mods:
Magnaflow Exhaust
DDM Works retune
DDM Works Custom Innercooler
DDM Works Custom Cold Air Intake
DDM Works Backbone Brace

Other Mods:
New paint job courteous of GM (bad fleck in original)
Painted 8 inch stripes
Tinted windows 15%
Chrome Inlay around honeycomb
GM Mud Gaurds
JPM Performance Shifter
JPM Red Stitched shifter boot
JPM Armrest Pad Red stitched HRTNSOL
JPM Seatbelt Holders Red stitched HRTNSOL
MRZ Billet Engine Bay Covers in Red
Red LED rearview mirror lights
Red LED floorwell lighting
Red LED undercarriage lighting
Custom windrestrictor.com Pittsburgh Penguins logo (in red of course)
6 inch stubby
Chrome valve stem covers
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Offline spicy3480

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Re: Joe's (DeepBlueGXP) idea for list of modifications from the BB
« Reply #4 on: December 31, 2008, 07:34:43 AM »
Welcome to Spiky3480's Mod Page.

Last Updated: 12/31/2008

Her name is Intruder.
Mysterious 2007 GXP- Loaded
VIN: 1G2MG35XX7Y123763

Disclaimer: Reading the rest of this thread may offend purists.

The Beginning

Total Mods to Date: 83

Exterior Mods:

    * Gravana J2 Staggered 18" Wheels in Black with Polished Lip
    * Sumitomo HTR-Z II Tires: 255/45-18 Front, 275/40-18 Rear
    * Brake Calipers Sprayed and Clear Coated- to match stripes on hood and decklid
    * Custom GXP Caliper Decal in BLACK
    * Sprayed TailLights, Fog, and Reverse lights with Black and 2 coats of Clear Coat (Newbridge Auto Body)
    * Stubby Antenna
    * Window Tint: 35% Sides, 20% Rear
    * Custom Painted RED Racing Stripes
    * Front Grills painted BLACK with Clear Coat
    * Painted Windshield Trim BLACK with Clear Coat
    * Vanity Plate: INTRUDR
    * Hella HID Lights
    * Rear Deck Lid Spoiler- added on after purchase
    * Rubber Buttress Bumpers Removed from Decklid
    * Spray Tint Center Brake Light
    * Popped GM Pimples
    * GM Roadster Club Decal
    * Dash Kit Designs Black Door Handle Overlays
    * Danny Whitfield Hood Scoop (off of Diamondback Solstice)
    * Covered Tinted Fog Lights with VentureShield Protective Film (prevents chipping from road debris)
    * Davies Corvette Fold-Away Front License Plate Holder
    * Polished Valve Covers with Red Stripes
    * Gary "The Local Brush" Airbrushed Intruder Logo on Rear
    * Aftershock Magnetic Rock Guards
    * Debadged Rear Pontiac Emblem
    * Painted Gas Cap
    * Rear Fascia for CSD Exhaust by Norm's Fiberglass
    * Buttress Plugs (black)
    * Wind Restrictor V1- Illuminated Red
    * T2 Champion Decal by ClearBraInstall
    * Norm's Fenders
    * DDMWorks Vertical Doors

Interior Mods:

    * JPM Stitched Handles
    * JPM Stitched Center Console
    * JPM Leather Covered Dash
    * JPM Elbow Pads
    * JPM Door Accents
    * JPM Visor Covers
    * JPM Shift Boot
    * Kappasphere GXP Floor Mats
    * Custom Gauge Bezel in RED and BLACK- Black Cat Customs
    * LatinVenom's Solstice Cooler- Upgraded
    * Set of 5 Black Engine Caps with Red Lettering
    * Red Painted Dipstick Handle
    * Stainless Fuse Box Plate- Etched
    * Stainless Turbo Heat Shield- Etched
    * Gauge Pod for A-Pillar by DDM
    * Custom Gauges- EGT and Boost (Speedhut)
    * JPM Automatic Shifter Assembly
    * Hood Insulator "Solstice" Paint Modification
    * Custom Painted Interior Accents (brake handle overlay, switch bezels) in black
    * DDMWorks Gloss Black Coil Cover
    * Passenger Seat Pouch (made by member anorth45503)
    * DDMWorks Chrome Powder Coated Valve Cover
    * Black Clips for Intake Wires (thanks to 1sgt)
    * JPM Right Knee Pad
    * JPM Airbag Leather Cover with Diamond Stitch
    * Airbag Light Overlay by ClearBraInstall
    * KappaATTIC
    * Ceramic Coated Turbo Shield by DDMWorks (chrome)
    * JPM Seat Belt Loops
    * DDMWorks Ceramic Coated Turbo Outlet Elbow (Chrome)

Performance Mods:

    * Westers Garage HOTTER Tune- using HP Tuners VCM Suite Pro Version 2.22 beta (testing a more aggressive tune at the moment)
    * DDMWorks Intercooler
    * Dejon Upgraded BOV Spring
    * SOLO Performance High-Flow Cat
    * T-Bolt Clamps to Replace all OEM Clamps on IC Piping
    * Silicone Couplers to Replace OEM Rubber Couplers
    * DDMWorks True CAI with Pressurized Box
    * DDMWorks Intercooler Pipes with relocated MAF sensor
    * SOLO Performance CSD Exhaust- Race Version
    * Hotter Factory Plugs Gapped to .030" (to work best with Wester's HOT tune)
    * DDMWorks Pro-Beam
    * Kappasphere (Eibach Pro-Kit) Lowering Springs (1" Front and 1.3" Rear)
    * DDMWorks Differential Bushing
    * RPI Street Braking Kit with Slotted Rotors and Stainless Steel Brake Lines
    * Hawk HPS Brake Pads- Front (on DDMWorks Calipers)
    * Hawk HPS Brake Pads- Rear
    * Royal Purple Synthetic 5w-30 Motor Oil
    * DDMWorks Brake Caliper Upgrade (Four Piston Anodized)
    * DDMWorks Backbone Brace
    * DDMWorks Shock Tower Brace

Audio/Video/Electrical Mods:

    * Viper Alarm with Auto Start

In the Works:

    * Display Board
    * After Shock Recessed Grills

Service/Dealer Repair Log:

    * Wiring Connection for Fog Light- 4,265 miles- 6/8/07
    * Control Assembly Floor Shifter Replacement- 4,265 miles- 6/8/07
    * Folding Top Cover Replacement Pads- 6,714 miles- 8/8/07
    * Shock Left Front Replaced- 8,386 miles- 9/25/07
    * Hood Refinish/Clear Coat- 10,569 miles- 11/12/07
    * Transmission Clunk- Supposedly "Within GM Specifications"
    * Repair Rear Differential Vent- 10,569 miles- 11/12/07
    * Repair Front Stabilizer Links as per TSB 07 03 08 003
    * Repair Rear Differential Vent (again)
    * Repair Rear Differential Vent (for a third time)- they placed a filter in the vent as per TECH SERVICE- the filter is part # 5651682 and the clamp is part # 22518665- 12,108 miles- 2/5/08
    * Convertible Top B-Pillar Tabs Installed for Roof Tearing
    * Driver's Side Door Handle Replacement (dealer broke it off)- replaced with part number 15773795 (handle)
    * Repair Differential Vent Tube (4th time)
    * Vent Tube Deemed Unrepairable- they replaced the entire differential using part numbers 2585822 (carrier), 89021677 (gear lubrication), and 1052358 (additive)
    * Called GM Customer Service to file complaint- Regional Manager declined any compensation for being in a rental over 1 month for warranty (after only 9 months of ownership)
    * Turbo gasket leak because of loosened OEM bolts- used new SOLO gasket to fix and high-temp Lok-Tite on OEM bolts
    * Convertible Top bolt backed out and passenger side became flimsy and did not align- piece replaced and convertible top repaired
    * Rear Decklid rubber stopper fell off- replaced deck lid rubber stopper
    * Hood Misaligned- paint scratched off of inner hood, wheel well plastic scrathed, insulator ripped- dealer will not fix- purchased insulating foam and attached it to underside of hood
    * Driver's seat latch linkage broken- seat does not lock into place- dealer had me drop off car and then told me they ordered the wrong piece- repair finally completed with new seat assembly
    * Damaged fender to to dealer's improper lift- they refuse to accept responsibility so I put on Norm's Fenders

      Changed Dealerships: From Morrissey Pontiac (Rockville Centre) to Van Buuren Pontiac (Garden City)- 7/14/08

    * Convertible Top Alignment- dealer installed new catch piece
    * A/C Issue (not cooling consistently)- repaired with a new sensor
    * Hood/Front Bumper Alignment (aligned correctly by Newbridge Auto Body)
    * Hard Downshifting from 2nd to 1st Gear- repaired with 2nd new differential carrier
    * Wheel stud stripped- replaced by dealer with new hub assembly
    * Noise from right rear wheel- wheel hub assembly replaced
    * Thermostat Replaced (coolant temperature jumping all over and hose fluid temperatures were varying from the norm)

Specification Notes to Self:

    * Tire Pressure Recommendations with Current Set-Up- Front: 26psi, Rear: 28psi
    * GM "Hotter" Spark Plugs Gapped to .030"

Body Shop:

    * Newbridge Auto Body- Bellmore, NY- (516) 781-0487 (ask for Vinny)
Steve Mariano
Solo Performance
516-655-9002 (7 days a week, until midnight EST)

2007 Mysterious Solstice GXP

Offline Cheers

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Re: Joe's (DeepBlueGXP) idea for list of modifications from the BB
« Reply #5 on: December 31, 2008, 01:32:43 PM »
Welcome to Cheers' Mod Page.

Last Updated: 12/31/2008

His name is CHEERS
Mysterious 2007 GXP- Loaded (except On-Star)
VIN: 2882
License plate GMHGXP
NASSOA Founding Member 95

Disclaimer: Reading the rest of this thread may offend purists.

Performance Mods

Magnaflow 3 Cat Back Exhaust with Solo Performance 3 diameter front end
Solo Performance High Flow CAT.
Dejon Powerhouse BOV Spring
Steel T-Bolt Clamps for Intake elbow
DDMWorks Tunnel Brace
DDMWorks 4 Piston Brake Caliper w/Brake Fluid Stainless Steel Brake lines and Front and Rear HawkHP Plus Brake Pads
DDDMWorks Pro-Beam

Electrical Mods

Kenwood DNX 8120 with backup camera, Bluetooth, IPod hookup (1/9/09)
Boston Acoustics speakers (7)
Dynamat 10435 Xtreme Door Kit
GENTEK30 Mirror
Oooga Horn
DashHawk mounted in speedo gauge

Interior Mods

JPM Stitched Door Handles (Doors and Center Console)
JPM Stitched Center Console
JPM Stitched Center Console  Handle
JPM Door Elbow Pads
JPM Visor Covers
JPM Stitched Shift Boot (GXP)
JPM Performance Shifter Assembly
JPM Seat Belt Loops
JPM Hat collection
ClearBraInstall Airbag Light Overlay (GXP)
KappaSphere “Lil' Chromies”
Seat Pouches - Driver/Nav (Cheers GXP)
Polar Bear Nav - never ride alone

Other Mods

Stubby Black Antenna – look not reception (XM/IPod main sound inputs)
Mysterious Color Power Coated Stock IC Pipes (Thanks DBG)
ClearBraInstallBlack Arrow Decals on Wheel hubs
KappaSphere Lowering Springs (remove front set - TOO low)
Goodyear Eagle F1 All Season Tires w/nitrogen (free at COSTCO)
Davies Corvette Floding Front License Plate
Popped the GM Chicklets pimples
Rear of car debadged except GXP
K&N drop in filter
ClearBraInstall Third brake light decal (TURBO)
ClearBraInstall Airbag Light Cover (GXP)
Latin Venom Custom Solstice Cooler for the trunk

Future Mods

Cobalt door handles (Mysterious)
HID Lights
ClearBraInstall Black Arrowhead Decals

BTW, DeepBlueGXP  :thumbs: along with his son Dark Tech  :thumbs: and Chuckdoc   :thumbs: were the inspiration for many of the mods and a MAJOR help in getting them done.  Now if I can get them to help with the $$ 
:lol: :lol: :lol:  :drag:
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Re: Joe's (DeepBlueGXP) idea for list of modifications from the BB
« Reply #6 on: December 31, 2008, 02:22:04 PM »
Her name is Sable.
Silver Graphite 07 RL Loaded ex. sat
VIN 1313
Plate  07 SKY


High performance all-season 255/40 R18(Tire has been resized to 275/35 R18)
LED bulbs in front and rear side markers.
Yellow bulbs in head and fog lights.
Amber under car lighting kit.
Red Saturn background in grill pushed back and light added.
Red pin strip
Dog'em graphics added to sides.
Side fenders cut open.
Parking and signal lights added inside of cut fenders.
Silver mesh added to all grills.
Top grill cut to allow air to flow though.
Front bumper extension.
Light added to inter cooler area.
Brake cal's painted red.
Rear fascia defused.


Dash lights changed to LED (white)
Flip out cup holder removed, light added inside, and now used to hold business cards.
Boost gauge to right of steering wheel.


K&N air filter(race cone).
Home made CAI.


Battery relocated to trunk.
Computer moved lower.
Windshield washer bottle removed.
Fuse box in engine bay moved into battery area.
Metal bracket holding Fuse box cut.
Lots of heat shielding.
Fuse box under dash relocated to up under glove box.(3in grain in leg room)

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Re: Joe's (DeepBlueGXP) idea for list of modifications from the BB
« Reply #7 on: August 11, 2009, 11:41:52 AM »
Kenny's Mod Page

2007 Saturn Sky Redline
Purchased Used 5/7/08 with 7,500 miles
5 Speed Manual
Black on Black
Monsoon stereo

Wester's Race Tune for GMPP 3 bar sensors
Stock intake resonators cut off
K&N Air Filter
T-Bolt clamps for intake elbow
Dejon BOV spring

Kirkey 47300 Intermediate Road Race seats
Schroth Profi II HANS 6 point harness
Seat and Harness installation thread
RMR Roll Bar with Harness Bar - Silver

Koni Single Adjustable shocks Dyno'd by Stimola Racing
GXP Z0K Front and Rear Springs
GXP Z0K Front and Rear Swaybars
Koni and Z0K Springs Installation Thread
DDM Works EXTREME Backbone #6
DDM Works ProBeam rear brace
DDM Works Tower Brace (not installed)
GM Performance Z0K spec Alignment

GM Racing Brake Reservoir Extender Cap
Porterfield R4-S brake pads
CarboTech XP10 and XP8 Track Pads
AutoVation Racing Pedals - Competition Series

SSR Type C RS wheels
Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Spec Tires

Custom Aluminum front grille
No front license plate holes
Tinted Taillights from Jon's Tinted Tails
Joe's Side Marker Blinker Mod
Rear tinted license plate cover
Second Horn: FIAMM high note
Stubby Antenna

Shift-I LED shift light wired to cylinder #4
Valentine1 Radar/Laser detector with remote display
Fuse #18 tapped for power for Valentine1, shift light, and additional cigarette lighter for USB charger for iPhone charging and bluetooth headset charging

iPhone Setup:
iPod universal dock with audio out to stock stereo
Pac-X steering wheel control adaptor to IR on iPod dock
iPod dock extender cable for audio and power
ProFit iPhone mount

JPM seatbelt loops
« Last Edit: July 28, 2013, 09:39:29 AM by Kenny »
2007 Sky Redline - Wester's Tuned - GMPP sensors - RMR Roll Bar - Kirkey Seats
Schroth Harnesses - SSR Wheels - Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Specs - Complete Mod List
kennysabarese.com - Photos - Facebook - Twitter - RSS

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Re: Joe's (DeepBlueGXP) idea for list of modifications from the BB
« Reply #8 on: August 12, 2009, 10:51:51 AM »
Modifications to the Intruder


DDMWorks Mach II (Intercooler, CAI, IC Pipes, Shrouding)
DDMWorks 4-Piston Brake Caliper Upgrade
Super Blue Brake Fluid
Hawk HPS Brake Pads- Front and Rear
RPI Slotted Rotors
RPI Stainless Brake Lines
Solo Performance Custom Center Stacked Street Race Exhaust
Solo Performance Catless Downpipe
Westers Garage Updated Beta Tune
Dejon Powerhouse BOV Spring


Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs
DDMWorks ProBeam
DDMWorks Extreme Backbone
DDMWorks Strut Tower Brace
Energy Suspension Differential Poly Bushing


Norm's Fiberglass Formula Hood with Custom Painted Stripes
Norm's Fiberglass Transformer Side Skirts
Norm's Fiberglass Front Splitter
Norm's Fiberglass Vented Fenders
Norm's Fiberglass Diffuser Fascia for Center Stacked Exhaust
ASAP Digital Imaging Custom Intruder Raised Emblems
Newbridge Auto Custom Painted Stripes
Gary the Local Brush Airbrushed Intruder Logo
Debadged Rear Arrowhead and GM Pimples
Aftershock Recessed Grills- Painted Black


JPM Center Console
JPM Airbag Cover
JPM Shift Boot
JPM Automatic Shifter
JPM Covered Handles
JPM Diamond Stitch Door Inserts
JPM Covered Gauge Bezel
JPM Visor Covers
Wind Restrictor V2 (Illuminated)
Kappasphere KappaATTIC
Kappasphere GXP Floor Mats
DDMWorks Powder Coated Valve Cover
DDMWorks Powder Coated Coil Cover


Gravana J2 Staggered Wheels (Black)- 18x8 Front, 18x9 Rear
Sumitomo HTR-Z II Tires- Front 255/45-18, Rear 275/40-18
Painted Rear Calipers Anodized Red
Locking Valve Stem Covers


Latin Venom Solstice Cooler

Steve Mariano
Solo Performance
516-655-9002 (7 days a week, until midnight EST)

2007 Mysterious Solstice GXP

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Re: Index of Owners Mods - for your signature
« Reply #9 on: January 25, 2011, 09:58:45 PM »
Black 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP

Ordered in October 2006
Brought home on Jan 15th 2007

280 RWHP before the Turbo Upgrade

Best in show - 2010 NASSM...

Here is my list of mods in alphabetical order by vendor:

Blacked Out Front Turn Signal Lights

Black Cat Custom:
White Gauge Face
Blue LED Dash Lights

Custom Wheels:
Forte F40 Nocturnal wheels

SP Performance Diamond Slotted Rotors
Porterfield R4 Carbon Kevlar Brake Pads
High Performance Brake Lines
ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid
KW Coilover Varient 3 Shocks
Cross Bay Brace
Power Steering Relocation Kit
Powder Coated Valve Cover
Powder Coated Coil Cover
LNF Intercooler
Inline Fuel Filter
Engine Bay Lights
Trunk Light
VDI Vertical Door Kit
Dual Gauge A-Pillar Pod
GT2871 Turbo Upgrade with ECM Tune
Synapse Blow-Off Valve
SPEC 3+ Clutch

Dejon Powerhouse:
Turbo Charge Pipes

Discount Tires:
Continental DWS

Passenger Side (so far)

GlowShift Gauges
10-Color Analog Boost Gauge with Peak

GM Performance Parts:
Performance Air intake

Custom Doors
Custom Dash
Custom Center Console
Custom Tulip
Custom Waterfall
Custom Shifter Boot
Custom Rear Wall
Custom Trunk-Lid Liner
Custom Steering Wheel
Custom Windshield Frame

Front Chassis Brace

DM-100 Gauge Kit

Custom Billet Engine Bay Covers

Norm’s Fiberglass:
Side Skirts
Rear Diffuser Fascia
Front Spoiler

Billet Cup Holder

Sport Imports:
Heated Seat Kit

SOLO Performance:
Street Race Exhaust
High-Flow CAT

Stunner Lights:
LED Front Turn/Fog Lights
LED Front Signal Lights
LED Map Lights
LED Trunk Light
LED Rear Stop/Turn Lights
LED Reverse Lights
LED Rear License Plate Lights

SilverStar H13ST Headlights
SilverStar 893 Fog Lights

Wind Restrictor:
Custom Lighted Wind Screen
Custom Lighted Door Sills

Other Mods:
Opel GT Antenna
Painted Fusebox Cover Red
Painted Headlight surrounds Dark Metallic Grey
Halo Headlights
Visor decals painted over with flat black paint
Front and Rear Brake Caliper Painted Red
GM Chicklet Removal
Rear Letters De-badged
Lighted Boost Gauge
90w Strobe Lights in fog/tail/reverse lights
Steel T-Bolt Clamps for IC Pipes
Front Turn Signal Mod
Roof Replacement (Warranty)
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Re: Index of Owners Mods - for your signature
« Reply #10 on: January 25, 2011, 10:11:39 PM »

Engine Modifications:

Garrett GT4094R (.95 turbine A/R) and Garrett Gt2871R (.63 Tial turbine housing A/R). Both turbos have v-band – and CRYO-TREATED!!!
BTF tubular manifold (321 stainless steel)
BTF 3” downpipe (321 stainless steel)
BTF recirculating dump tube (321 stainless steel)
BTF charge pipes
Tial 60mm v-60 wastegate – controls GT2871R turbo
Tial 38mm MV-S wastegate – controls GT4094R turbo
Tial Q blow-off Valve
Exhaust manifold, downpipe, and turbo housings (Swaintech coated and DEI titanium wrapped)
Werks RACE Intercooler – 15” x 3” x 24” 
DEI Cry02 intercooler spray kit
Blitz ID-3 Spec-R Electronic Boost Controller
DDM walbro fuel pump

Bates Sleeved block
Bored ,honed, Aligned hone
Bates Main Studs
Bates Balance shafts
Bates main bearings
LNF camshaft
K1 rods and Wiseco pistons installed

Supertech 35.5 mm oversized valves
Supertech 78 lb springs (cryo treated)
Supertech retainers/keepers
Bates Head Studs
Bates Rocker Arms (cryo treated)
Aggressive Headwork
Ported and Polished Throttle body and Manifold

LIBERTY GEARS/NITROFREEZE Transmission and Drivetrain:
Spec Stage 3+ clutch w/ 11lb Flywheel (Cryo-Treated)
Polished hub and sliders, gear/synchro set (shot peened and cryo-treated)
Pinion, driveshaft, axles, and rear differential (cryo-treated)

Driveshaft Shop's 600whp axles

Exterior Modification:

Status Racing Seats
Forgestar Flow Formed F-14 Wheels 18"x10"
Wilwood big brake kit (13" slotted/cross-drilled rotors and 6 piston red calipers - front) (13" slotted/cross-drilled rotors and 1 piston red calipers - rear),
KW V3 Coilover Kit
GMPP ZOK Front and Rear Sway bars,
GMPP Rear spoiler,
Norms Rear Diffuser,
8000k (50 watts) hid kit Headlight,
8000k (35 watts) hid kit fog lamps,
Smoked Head Lights
Smoked Fog Lights

Car Audio Set-up:

Rockford Fosgate punch 500.1 class bd mono amplifier (400 watts RMS @ 2 ohms) that runs the kicker 8" 400 watts RMS
Rockford Fosgate PUNCH 500.1 class BD mono Amplifier (400 watts rms @ 2 ohms) that runs a pair of Rockford fosgate i-beams
Rockford Fosgate punch 400.2 class AB 2 channel amplifier (100 watts Rms @ 4 ohms) that runs A pair of rockford Fosgate power series components
rockford fosgate 2 farad capacitor
rockford fosgate wires and cables
rockford fosgate fuse holder and 100 amp fuse
xs power s680 car audio battery
battery isolator
Pioneer CD/DVD player head unit
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COMPOUND TURBOS (GT2860r & GT4294r) goal 800hp


aeroforce.com, nitrofreeze.com, forgestar.com, splitsec.com, turbosmartonline.com, k1technologies.com, supertechperformance.com, specclutch.com, rceng.com, statusracing.com, tceperformanceproducts.com, burnsstainless.com, performanceautowerks.com, ddmworks.com, turbowerx.com, BTF

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Lindsey's Mods
« Reply #11 on: April 11, 2011, 12:00:12 PM »
"Lindsey's" Current Modifications:

Street Backbone
Hand/Custom Alignment
Gloss Red Valve Cover
Gloss Black Coil Cover
Stage 3 Clutch
Center Console
Steel-braided Brake Lines
J-Hook Rotors
HPS Hawk Brake Pads
Red Upper Radiator Hose
LV Front Brace
Ported Intake
60# Injectors
Carrillo Rods
Wisco Pistons
New Transmission
Short Shifter
DDM shifter with brushed steel and new boot
Rotrex C70 Supercharger (Stage 2+)
     Rotrex Oil Reservoir
     Oil Filter
     Performance Oil Cooler
Red charge tubes
Oil Catch Can

Analog Boost Gauge
Analog Oil Temperature

Seat Belt Loops

LED Front Turn/Fog Lights
LED Front Signal Lights
LED Map Lights
LED Trunk Light
LED Reverse Lights
LED License Plate Lighting Fixture

Version 2 Red Illuminated
Door Sills Red Illuminated (VERSION 2)

DeepblueGXP's Side Blinker Mod
TS's Red LED Footwell Lights
NOKYA Fog Lights (893, 35W, 7000w)
NOKYA Headlights (H13, 55W/60W, 7000w)

ASAP Graphics
ASAP Graphics Dark Green Rally Stripes

Suspension Mods
BC Racing Coilovers
GXP Front & Rear Sway Bars

Other Mods
GXP Dual Exhaust
Opel GT Antenna
Sports Import's Heated Seats
U4EA's 304 Stainless Steel Front Grills
LatinVenom's Luggage Set/Cooler

Future Mods
Norm's Fiberglass Rear Fascia
Norm's Fenders
Norm's GTO Hood
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Continental Tires
DDM Works
ASAP Graphics
King Penn
Superbright LEDs

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Re: Index of Owners Mods - for your signature
« Reply #12 on: July 19, 2011, 10:46:51 AM »
Tiny Mods:

Trifecta Tune
Painted Engine Cover
Painted Fuse Box Cover
Fumoto Oil Drain Valve

DDM Backbone
Urethane greasable front Sway Bar Bushings
Painted Calipers
Mud Flaps

Billet Grills
Painted Visors
Painted Exhaust Tips
Short Antenna
"Redline" 3rd Brake Light Sticker
"Sky Redline" Front Marker Light Stickers
"Sky and Redline" Stickers on Calipers

"Fly Swatter" Wind Screen
Vert Top Cover

Nothing comparred to most, but not bad for 7 months ownership.

Jim :cool:
Never think you are forgotten!

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Re: Index of Owners Mods - for your signature
« Reply #13 on: August 01, 2012, 03:24:51 PM »
2006 First 1000 (Rare Divorce Forced Sale Option) #482
1.   Triple black
2.   2.4
3.   JPM 5spd shifter (white ball, black shift pattern)
4.   Leather, moonsoon, p/windows/air,etc, basically loaded.
5.   BC Adjustable Coilovers (best mod yet!)
6.   Kappaspere Convertible Top Storage pouch
7.   GM OEM Storage Pouch
8.   GM Car Cover
9.   Gravanna 18 staggered wheels/Goodyear tires
10. Stainless steel deck lid covers
11. 1st 1000 GM gifts, misc memborbila.
12. GXP black headlights
13. GXP fascia (uninstalled)
14. Norms splitter (uninstalled)
15. Racing Tunnel Brace (uninstalled)
16. Pro beam rear brace (uninstalled)
17. DDM front swaybar (uninstalled)
18. DDM rear swaybar (awaiting delivery)
19. Aftershock recessed grills (uninstalled)
20. EDAG hard top (uninstalled)

(purchased but uninstalled: GXP fascia, Norms GXP splitter, Aftershock ducktail spoiler, GM splash guards)

2009 GXP #480
1. Aggressive
2, Auto
3, GMPP Tune
4, Solo cat back exhaust
5. Replica Heritage silver metallic racing stripe.
6. 3 Poseur Magnetic Racing Numbers signs, oval, checkboard pattern, yellow 486 (VIN)
7. Optional split spoke wheels
8. Optional Soft top
9. Various GXP decals on wheels, side, and custom rear window coupe sticker (1 of 1266)
10. Kappaspere passenger seat storage pouch
11. Tinted windows (sides only)
12. Lloyd GXP floor mats
13. Tacky Autozone steering wheel & seat covers.
14. Norms GXP front spoiler
15. BC Adjustable Coilovers (best mod ever!)
16. DDM Probeam
17. DDM Backbeam
18. OEM car cover.
19. SuperSpecialties Storage Pouch
20. Windrestrictor custom lighted coupe graphic door sills
21. Evolution Car Cover.
22. Modified 2.4 vinly bra to fit GXP
23. DDM red starlight charger tubes.
24. DDM oil catch can (uninstalled)
25. DDM T clamps (uninstalled)

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Re: Index of Owners Mods - for your signature
« Reply #14 on: December 10, 2015, 10:22:29 AM »
女妖 (NǚYāo - BANSHEE)

Car: 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP
Color: Mysterious
Options: Manual Trans, Monsoon Sound w/ XM Radio, Premium Package, Headliner, Sport Pedals
Brought Home Stock (2nd Owner): August 9, 2014
First MOD: September 8, 2014
Dyno'd: May 25, 2016 @ DDMWorks - 525hp/467whp/461tq

Engine/Drivetrain Mods:
Werks WR-3 (EFR-6758) Turbo Kit w/ Forge BPV and Gloss Black powder coat
LDK Block/LNF Head w/ Molnar Rods/Wiseco 86mm Pistons/ARP Head Studs/Phenolic Intake Spacer
AEM Water/Methanol Injection
MP Gloss Black powder coated valve cover
PTP Turbo Blanket
DDM Dyno/Street Tune
DDM Polished Aluminum Cold Air Intake
DDM Black Coil Cover
DDM Oil Catch Can w/ Steel Braided Hoses
DDM Power Steering Relocate
DDM Polished Aluminum Charge Pipes
DDM Custom Brushed Aluminum Heat Shield
DDM Silicon Hoses (Rad/TB)
DDM Intercooler
DDM Short Shifter
DDM 2.0L Clutch kit
SOLO Performance High-Flow CAT
SOLO Performance Mach Exhaust

Suspension/Chassis Mods:
DDM Race Backbone
DDM Pro-Beam
DDM Stainless Steel Brake Lines
DDM Front Wilwood BB Kit w/ GT48 Slotted Rotors
DDM Rear Slotted Rotors
DDM Coilover Cover Caps
BC Racing Coilovers
FE3 Z0K Sway Bars
Z0K Alignment
Forgestar F14 18x8.5/18x9.5 Staggered Wheels in Brushed Titanium
BFG G-Force Sport Comp2 245/45ZR18 F & 275/40ZR18 R tires

Interior Mods:
Tinted Side and Rear Windows
DDM gauge pod w/ AEM Digital Boost and Methanol Failsafe gauges
DDM Lil' Chromies
DDM KappaRoo
DDM KappaAttic
DDM KappaLuggage

Exterior Mods:
Aftershock Products Rear Lip Spoiler
Kappasphere Chrome Domes
Antenna-X Shorty Antenna
ASAP Graphics Fender Inserts (BW EFR Logo)
ASAP Graphics Backup Light & Fog Light Covers
ASAP Graphics Side Marker covers
ASAP Graphics Third Brake light Decal "BANSHEE"
Red Rear Calipers
GM Flyswatter

To Do Mods:
Main Gauge face change
Kappa Blanket
Clear Bra
Aftershock Products Recessed Grills (fingers crossed)
Aftershock Products Side Skirts (fingers crossed)
Santana Cup Holder
DDM Wilwood Rear Brake Kit
DDM Anodized Engine Cap Covers
Sound System Speaker upgrade (Radio?)
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2002 Isuzu Rodeo Sport - Still kicking!
2008 Polar Sky Redline - Auto - Fully Loaded
2007 Mysterious Solstice GXP - Current list of Mods

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Re: Index of Owners Mods - for your signature
« Reply #15 on: December 18, 2015, 07:47:09 PM »

Car: 2007 Saturn Sky
Engine 2.4 LE5
Trans: Manual
Color: Midnight Blue
Other options: Leather, Monsoon Sound with XM, Sport Pedals.

Engine/Drivetrain Mods:
Oil Catch Can
Custom built 3" intake
3" cone filter
K04 Turbo
Redline/GXP intercooler
Redline/GXP turbo to IC charge pipe
Redline/GXP cat/downpipe
Custom fabricated and painted IC to throttle body charge pipe
60# injectors
Manual boost controller
2-bar MAP sensor
Redline/GXP water pipe, t-stat housing and exhaust manifold
3" Magnaflow cat back exhaust
LC-1 Wideband O2 sensor in secondary bung on downpipe
Custom Tune with HP Tuners

Suspension/Chassis Mods:
Redline/GXP Z0K spec front anti-sway bar
Redline/GXP Z0K spec rear anti-sway bar
DDM Probeam rear chassis brace
DDM racing Backbone brace.
Venom front chassis brace
BC coilovers w/ 7K springs
Z0K alignment settings with 2.5* camber front and 1.5* camber rear
Proline 18x8 gunmetal wheels
Painted calipers 
Brake cooling ducts using stock 2.4 front grills

Interior Mods:
Kenwood HD5900 Head unit
Plastidipped center shifter console in Midnight Blue
Plastidipped waterfall badge

Exterior Mods:
Plastidipped front grill (Anthracite)
Plastidipped front brake duct dividers (Anthracite)
Plastidipped rear badges (Anthracite)
Plastidipped Window hoop (Anthracite)
Plastidipped tulip panel (Anthracite)
Plastidipped headlight buckets (Midnight Blue)
Rear valance trimmed for second exhaust outlet
Midnight Blue headlight eyebrows (painted on lens)
Midnight Blue tail light eyebrows (painted on lens)
Tinted rear tail lights (painted on lens)
Color Matched exterior door handles (Midnight Blue)
Sweeplight sequential rear tail lights
Front fender vents made to be functional with gunmetal wire mesh
Stubby antenna
Billet front upper grill and lower side grills

Future Mods:
(note much of these items are still in the research phase)
HID headlights and LED fog/running lights
DRL lights moved to running lights
DDM clutch and flywheel
Forged pistons at 9.2:1 compression
ARP studs
Port and polished head
Comp Cams for LE5
Valve upgrade
Hahn Intercooler
Solo High Flow cat
2.75" IC to TB charge pipe
Custom 2.5" turbo to IC charge pipe
Larger turbo
80# injectors
Improved WB O2 with gauge
Boost gauge
A-pillar gauge cluster (2 gauge capacity)
Powder Coated valve cover

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Re: Index of Owners Mods - for your signature
« Reply #16 on: December 20, 2015, 01:22:55 PM »
Updated list of Lucy's Devilish Mods

2008 Polar White Sky Redline
Built 4/2008
Purchased 6/2008
Leather Seats

Go Fast Parts
DDMWORKS Borg Warner EFR 6758
DDMWORKS Intercooler Charge Pipes for EFR
DDMWORKS Banshee Intake for the EFR
DDMWORKS T25 exhaust manifold adapter
DDMWORKS 3” Downpipe
Magnaflow 3" exhaust
Elvish Tune
Powell Oil Catch Can
DDMWORKS 2.0L LNF Performance Clutch kit
DDMWORKS Short Shifter
Competition Head Porting
Shaved Head and 3 Way Valve Job
Supertech Valve Springs/Retainer Kit
Supertech Intake Valves
Supertech Exhaust Valves
Wiseco Pistons with Ceramic coating
Carillo "H" Beam Rods
E85 Fuel Injector Seals
AEM / Devils Own Hybrid  Meth Injection Kit
AEM AEM’s Water/Methanol FAILSAFE Device
DDMWORKS Powder Coated Valve Cover
DDMWORKS Powder Coated Coil Cover
DDMWORKS LNF Intercooler
DDMWORKS Fuel Filter
DDMWORKS Silicone Upper Radiator Hose
DDMWORKS Fender Well Trim Kit
Bosch 3 Bar Tmap Sensors

Turn and Stop Parts
Staggered OZ Ultraleggeras (18.8 front 18x9 rear)
Continental DW Tires (245/45 front 275/40 rear)
Wilwood DP6 6 Piston front Calipers
Wilwood Combo parking brake rear Calipers
13” front 12.3” rear Zinc plated & Slotted rotors
Wilwood BP10 Brake Pads
TCE Stainless Steel Brake lines
ZOK Front Swaybar
ZOK Rear Swaybar with Energy Suspension Bushings
BC Racing Coilovers 5Kg Front Springs, 6Kg Rear Springs
LVFCB "Venom" Brace

Norm's Fiberglass Rear Fascia
VDI vertical doors
Tinted Rear Taillights
Tinted Fog Lights
Tinted Side and Rear windows
Aftershock Clear Marker Lights
Front Marker To Turn Signal Conversion
Cobalt Black Painted Door Handles
Complete De-chrome Storm Trooper Color Scheme

DDM Dual Gauge A Pillar Pod
AEM Analog Boost Gauge
AEM Water/Methanol Flow Gauge
JPM Shift Knob
JPM leather center console
JPM Seatbelt Loops
Heated Seats
Opel GT Steering Wheel Emblem
Black Vinyl wrapped door handles

Sound and Visuals
Kenwood DNX 8120 radio
Kicker Subwoofer mounted in Monsoon Enclosure
Alpine PDX V-9 Amplifier
DashBoss with iPhone Bluetooth App
Windrestrictor with custom etching + lighting
Hood and Trunk LED Lights

Latin Venom Sky Luggage
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