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Author Topic: You can use a same-year GXP cluster in your V8 Kappa (lower indicated redline)  (Read 1593 times)

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After a little experimentation (and failure), I've discovered that swaps of same-year GXP/Redline clusters will work in a Base Kappa. If you want full DIC functionality (anything beyond the odometer), you need to source a cluster from a same-year donor. If you only need speed/tach/gas and idiot lights, you can mix years, but given that the coolant temp is ONLY on the DIC, that seems like a poor choice unless you have an aftermarket coolant temp gauge.

The GXP/Redline cluster will have a 6250 indicated redline, versus the base's 6900 RPM redline. Unless you went with an LS7, this is likely to be a better match for your engine's capabilities. As a bonus, you get a 160MPH speedometer that will read correctly with no changes required.

Drawback: on startup (with a GXP cluster), the message will read "Solstice GXP". I say it's no big deal to finally ditch the red-on-white cluster that looked like something a teenager would have installed in his Honda to look cool back in '99.

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Hmmm, I had no idea that the NA's have such a high redline.

I also had heard that any cluster was swappable... obviously not.  Thanks for the research.
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For an inline 4 in a modern sports car, 6900 doesn't seem very high.

I was surprised that the LNFs was so low, but I imagine that's more a function of the stock turbo's sizing than the engine's revability.

I've heard that a boost gauge is part of the DIC function in the GXP cluster, it doesn't show up when installed in a NA car.

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1 - I'll bet a lot of the codgers on here would give a lot for full DIC functionality......   :poke:

2 - maximum RPM depends on how and engine is set up as well as how durable the bist and pieces are.  I race an engine built in 1958 that had a stock red line of 7,000 (I run mine as high as 7,800, built for racing).  The lower red line for the LNF is based on power curve for the turbo application - no point buzzing the nuts off it when you can just shift and land right on top of that big, flat torque curve in the next gear.  You could certainly build a high reving LNF (I forget what the valve bounce rpm is but someone will remember) but it would be suitable for use with a larger turbo that would give impressive power up top while giving lessened punch low down and you'd have to change your driving technique to suit.  There are also inherent flow limitations in the LNF head that would have to be addressed - porting is really necessary for big flow increases.

The LE5 develops maximum power at 6,600 rpm (it is 6,200 in other applications with about 5 bhp less in HHR etc.) so the 300 rpm leeway before you hit red line is about right.  The LNF is tuned to give maximum power at 5,300 rpm (that turbo thing) so the stock red line of 6,200 is more than enough leeway.
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So I guess this swap does not apply to 2006 cars converted to V8, since there were no GXP's made in 06.
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Well there were GXPs made in 06 but they are considered 07s so a late 06 NA may still work with a 07 GXP cluster.
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From some Cobalt forums:

If the DIC is to be fully functional then follow these guidelines. (If you don't then only the odometer, analog gauges, and warning lights will function)
  • 05-06 year models are interchangable.
  • 07 must be from an 07 model.
  • 08-10 models are completely interchangeable.


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