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Author Topic: Nexus New England Kick off show  (Read 1082 times)

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Offline GaryDN

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Nexus New England Kick off show
« on: April 11, 2011, 07:56:51 PM »
This is it guys and gals!! THE Big kickoff show! To benefit the American Cancer Society! We got a few things that might be last min. additions but the show is ready to rock n roll! We got a MAJOR cruise that is starting at Shoppers World in Framingham!
If you want to do that the crew will be gathering at 10AM in the Shoppers World parking lot near the Barns and Noble bookstore. Leaving at 10:30 to hit RT9 East and on to 128 North to roll in and kick it all off at UNO's at 11AM.

Show kicks off at 11AM at UNO'S and goes to 5PM All cars bikes trucks ect..! Lets see what New England has!
Only $5! Cheaper than 2 gallons of gas!!! Once you park go to our tent. The $5 gets you a dash plaque and goody bag, we have a limited number of both so it is till we run out,it also enters you into the judging for the trophies!!

But again the big thing is this is a benefit for a great cause that pretty much has hit close to home for far too many people! We will pass out a voucher from UNO'S. That voucher is for the American Cancer Society! You present that to your server and up to 20% of your total bill be donated to the fight to end Cancer!

This is one of our 3 BIG events for our monthly shows at UNO's this season and a reminder this is going to be filmed for Local Access TV and our YouTube channel! So don't miss out!

For more info, updates or where we will be and upcoming shows join us on Facebook:
NeXuS:New England | Facebook

Website: (though right now its having issues being nice and working! It might be up when you click it!)

And any questions hit us up directly:

And just a reminder! NeXuS:New England is not just about motorsports! Were also about bands and tattoo artists! You in a local band that wants to promote your upcoming show come on down! Local tattoo artist or a shop that does some killer ink! We want to know about you! Or one of the many customizing and specialty shops that work their magic on the rides here in New England. Let us know! We want to help spread the word! If interested hit us up on one of the emails above and we will give you more info! Any questions about this please let us know by the last week of April as we will need to know what room we have to save for you if you need it!

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Offline G8TR

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Re: Nexus New England Kick off show
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2011, 09:00:50 PM »
Sounds like a great time.

Offline CT Solstice

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Re: Nexus New England Kick off show
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2011, 08:33:48 AM »
I will be there. :drive: Hope the rest of the KRONUS crowd can make it too. :poke: :ghug:
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Offline smartin

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Re: Nexus New England Kick off show
« Reply #3 on: April 12, 2011, 09:23:36 AM »
Looks like fun! Wish I lived closer! Have a great time!


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